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hi, i heard jakey's in town and i hope you're having lots of fun showing him around! i saw your film project and it's really great, i really like it. i hope you're doing well! :)

You’re too kind! We had an absolute blast, I might even post a little collage of our adventures! He clarified, a number of times, that this wasn’t a trip and he was actually moving in. Needless to say, I miss him a lot!

And I’m truly glad you enjoyed my short project! 

Your huntress cape fabrics are PERFECT. Do you mind if I ask what is/where you got it?

Not at all! I’m going to publish this for future inquiries, if you don’t mind!

The purple is a Satin I found in the Garment District in NYC (to be totally honest, I’m not 100% which store because, as my friend Rachel can tell you, I spent an obscene amount of time shopping around, hey remember that Rachel?)

The black is a Metallic Spandex Matte, which I also found in the Garment District at Spandex World (also available online). It’s a really nice material, but takes a bit of getting use to when sewing (it’s a 4-way stretch).

Good luck!

Girl I swear your brother is the perfect Damian cosplayer. Petition for him to play him in a movie if DC ever gets good again XD


-tt- (Jakey says thanks!)

Was pulled onto here by your old (and still adorable) post of Jake and Ethan's frienship and oh my gosh, you and your brother are super precious. The relationship you two have makes me ridiculously happy being sibling love is great, especially when you've got something like cosplaying and comics to bring you closer together. Your cosplay is amazing and I hope to see more of it!

Thank you so much!! Your post kind of comes at a perfect time… Because Jakey is here visiting me in NYC, right now!! As in, he got off the plane last night and we’ve been out touring all day. And we’ve got some really big plans for this week… so stay tuned ;)

(Also, as far as I’m aware, Ethan will reclaim his booth at Big Wow, so they’ll get to hang out again soon! And I’ll casually photograph it, no biggie)

Hello! Do you have a tutorial how to made Huntress Mask??

Hey! The Huntress mask is actually the one piece I can’t take credit for: it was crafted by the talented Shawn Reeves of Reevzfx! I highly recommend contacting him for all your mask and cowl needs!