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SDCC Day 1

Today was Mary Marvel and Damian Wayne (one day it’ll be Mary and Billy Batson!) 

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So begins our harrowing bus ride to SDCC. See you guys there?!

Hello! I'm so obsessed with you two I wish I could meet you! Is it weird that I dreamed with you and Jakey the other day? Oh and I was wondering what is your nationality? I just wanted to ask that bye!

Haha not strange at all, I’ve had my fair share of random dreams!

We’re both Americans, but I have a feeling you meant ethnicities :) SO we’re Mexican/Norwegian! It’s why we tan easily but are extremely pale eleven months out of the year. 

Hi, I'm planning to cosplay like Huntress for Halloween. My first question of the many I'm going to ask you is where did you buy the arrow? Or how did you make it?

Oh that’s an easy one! I just bought it on amazon –– great price and the perfect size. From what I’ve seen, it’s the preferred choice by most cosplayers. It’s a little hard to string when setting up, but you’ll get it eventually and you should only have to do it once! Good luck!

For those interested

A collection of my friends’ films from the past year at NYU:

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Can you possibly send me detailed instructions on making the robin cape and vest Jakey wears? I've tried making it from the pictures, and lets just say it aint a pretty sight o-o

Sure! I’ll do my best, the vest was constructed two years ago with no patterns, just trial and error, so I’m a bit rusty on the specifics! (It was the first thing I ever sewed, so make that a LOT of errors.) Let’s do this!

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