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SDCC Day 3

Saturday was fantastic and exhausting as hell. The best part of the day was meeting a BUNCH of you guys! Special shout outs to helenawayne and deathlad/heckyesdamianwayne for stopping to talk to us despite the insanity that is the exhibit hall!! I’ll make this one short, because it was hectic:

  • Hit the DC Photo Shoot at the back of the convention, lots of standing around in the heat (I miss being the photographer!)
  • Made it into Ballroom 20 AGAIN, this time for our guilty pleasure show Once Upon a Time, which surprisingly provided a lot of exclusive footage!
  • Got these adorable exclusive Lego comic books signed by the writer and artist — and took quite a few pictures with the various kids at the booth!
  • About two hours before the con ended, Jakey and I had to run back to the apartment to change out of our costumes (the heat finally getting to us), and got a chance to visit our friends at artist alley as our normal selves for once! 
  • (Let us know if you see any pictures of us floating around, it’s hard to spot them all sometimes!)
Question, were you two at the Panda Express in a mall food court today at around late dinner time?

Oh god, was this for Friday night? Yes, oh boy hahaha uuhhhh you didn’t happen to see/hear the balloon incident, did you? Jakey was poking me in the ear with his balloon sword and I grabbed it from him and teased I’d pop it if he kept it up. Then suddenly Jakey is crawling all over me (at dinner mind you!) and out of nowhere the balloon POPS in my hand hella loud! So we instinctively freeze then burst into uncontrollable laughter, and oh god if you were there for that I’m so sorry we are incredibly immature!! But good eye!!

SDCC Day 2

Today was panel day… with Helena and Damian Wayne!

  • Looked at some xenomorph merch then headed to a signing with Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason! Jakey had his batarang signed by both YAY!!
  • Waited around for the Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D and were able to snag great seats! Ward and Coulson were highly entertaining, Fitzsimmons were surprisingly quiet (but cute) & May and Skye were adorable the entire time <3. The bloopers reel was perfect. 
  • Next we saw the Arrow panel, which had some awesome season three footage! The entire cast loves each other so much they were very fun to watch!!
  • Afterwards we slipped back onto the exhibit floor and took pictures! Sorry for the short update, we spent the majority of the day in Ballroom 20! Tomorrow will be nonstop cosplaying though :)

SDCC Day 1

Today was Mary Marvel and Damian Wayne (one day it’ll be Mary and Billy Batson!) 

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So begins our harrowing bus ride to SDCC. See you guys there?!

Hello! I'm so obsessed with you two I wish I could meet you! Is it weird that I dreamed with you and Jakey the other day? Oh and I was wondering what is your nationality? I just wanted to ask that bye!

Haha not strange at all, I’ve had my fair share of random dreams!

We’re both Americans, but I have a feeling you meant ethnicities :) SO we’re Mexican/Norwegian! It’s why we tan easily but are extremely pale eleven months out of the year. 

Hi, I'm planning to cosplay like Huntress for Halloween. My first question of the many I'm going to ask you is where did you buy the arrow? Or how did you make it?

Oh that’s an easy one! I just bought it on amazon –– great price and the perfect size. From what I’ve seen, it’s the preferred choice by most cosplayers. It’s a little hard to string when setting up, but you’ll get it eventually and you should only have to do it once! Good luck!