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My friend told me to post the other shirt I made (since this one did so well, thanks guys!!), so here’s my Damian and Bruce shirt! It was my favorite panel from Batman and Robin (still is), so I was determined to wear it. You may notice it’s placed a little high on the shirt, this is because I planned to wear it with a skirt and (since it’s a ridiculously long shirt) it tucks in about half way. There is also a small pocket on it, so I offset the image a bit.

Directions: Very straight forward. I photoshopped the image to remove the background best I could then flipped the image (as you will place it facedown on the shirt, thus reversing it again, later). Then, I simply printed, carefully cut out (removing any white), and ironed on. Very fun shirt and easy to make. Plus who doesn’t love that image?

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